Monday, November 18, 2013

Makeup Monday - Purple and Red Shimmer Eyeshadow

DIY: Purple and Red Shimmer Eyeshadow 
for a Look that will Pop!

What I Used: GOSH Eyeshadow Base $10
GOSH Eyeshadow Quad $18
MAC Eyeshadow in Phloof (Can also use a shimmery Champagne colour) $18
NYX Eyeshadow in Rust $8
Eyeliner - Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Blackest Black $8
Mascara - Revlon's Voluminous in Carbon Black $9
To Get This Look:
Step 1: Put the dark purple colour into the outer edge of your eye and blend both inwards and outwards to make the edges softer
Step 2: Sweep the Phloof or Champagne shimmer colour across your lid and blend it into the Blue
Step 3: Put the Red Rust colour into the crease of your eye and blend
Step 4: Add Eyeliner and Mascara and you're done!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Makeup Monday! - Makeup Tips for Your Eyecolour

Step One: Find Your Eye Colour

(For our lovely brown eyed ladies, look at the orange colour)

Step Two: Find Your 
Complimentary Colours and Colour Families

Tip 1: Find your complimentary eye shadow colour by looking at the colour wheel and seeing what is on the opposite side of it.
             Ex. If I have green eyes, my complimentary colours would be purples like Magenta

Tip 2:  If you want a more natural look, wear colours that are from the same colour family as your eye colour; but make sure the eye shadow is always softer than your actual eye colour
          Ex. If you have brown eyes, wear a soft brown.
          Ex. If you have blue eyes, wear a soft blue.


Wear anything that your heart desires!

Suggestions for Eye Shadow, Based on Eye Colour

For Blue Eyes:

Light Coppers
Orange Based Browns

For Green Eyes:

Reddy Browns
Dark Coppers and other Metallics

For Brown Eyes:

Greeny Greys
Bluey Greys
Soft Browns

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Blue Wrap

Necklace - $11 Forever 21
Top - $50 Jacob
Boots - $50 The Bay

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bright Colours for Fall

Cardigan - $25 Dynamite
Blouse - $30 Winners
Belts - $20 Le Chateau
Jeans - $30 Winners
Shoes - $40 Aldo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Casual Work Wear

Blazer - $25 Sirens
Top - $24 Forever 21
Jeans - $25 Ardenes
Boots - $50 The Bay

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tips for Dressing your Body Type

Pear – Bigger on the bottom
The key for you is to emphasize your slim top half. 

·         Add volume to your bust by wearing strapless dresses, halter tops or spaghetti straps to emphasize your upper half. 

·         Also the more detail, pattern or embellishment you have on your tops, the more attention will be drawn away from your bottom to your top and face. 

·         Wear dark colours for your bottom, or a dark wash for your jeans. 

·         A line dresses will look good on you. They will hide your bottom half and give you a waist. 

·         Define your waist with a waist belt. Add a coloured belt for extra emphasis.

Hourglass – Chest and Hips are roughly the same size, and you have a small defined waist.
They key for you is to balance out your chest and hips...and to define your small waist.

Enhance your shape by adding a waist belt to define your small waist even more. This will create a nice symmetry to your outfit.
       Try flare jeans to balance out your curves, but when you buy your jeans make sure that they're fitted, not tight. By avoiding jeans that are too tight, you’ll be avoiding the dreaded muffintop. Skinny jeans are in style, but are sometimes hard to pull off for hourglass girls.

·      Pencil skirts or other high waisted pieces will look fabulous on your body type. 

·      Sweetheart and V Necklines look great on you. These will balance you out well, and make you look quite slim. But avoid boat necklines as these can make you appear wider on the top, throwing things out of proportion.

     Find tailored fitted tops or blazers that are cinched at the waist.

Ruler – An even body type from your head to your toes with little to no curves
The key for you is to add shape and curves to your body

·         To add some shape to your outfits, try adding accessories such as scarves to boost up your chest, a waist belt to define your waist, or try some more flare jeans to add some curve and shape into your outfit.  

·         Try to stay away from V-necks or plunging necklines, it will make your bust appear smaller than it is.
           For dresses, opt for A-line. They’ll give you some shape and definition in your waist.
      Prints and details on your tops will do wonders to add some femininity, soften hard lines and will add the illusion of curves. 

·         Loose flowy fabrics will also do wonders for you.

Apple – Rounder body types

The Key for you is to show off your favourite parts

           Avoid clothes that will cinch at your waist, high rise pants or waist belts. Try tops with a more flowey feeling to them.

·         Dresses and tops that have rouching will also be a great option for you.
      Draw attention to the favourite parts of your body. Show off a little cleavage, or your great legs.
      Wearing V-necklines will show off your great chest and will draw attention away from your stomach.
         Empire waist dresses and tops are also a good choice for you. With the emphasis just below your breasts, the clothes will hug you at a smaller part, and lie loose over your middle.

Busty – Larger on the top
The key for you is to draw attention from your bust.

·         Opt for fitted, long blazers or cardigans. If it is cinched at the waist, it will add some proportional balance to even yourself out and will add some great curves. Avoid the boxy looks for you.
           Balance out your upper half by bringing more volume to your hips. You can do this with an A-Line skirt or sweeping dresses. Even a great pair of skinny jeans will emphasize your hips to balance you out.
          Emphasize your great legs even more with a pair of coloured jeans and a great pair of heels. Pair this with a darker coloured top, so your bottom half has more attention to even your body out.
          Avoid high necklines, haltertops and flowy blouses, they’ll make you appear bigger than you are. 
     Try Boat or V necklines, they’ll be much more flattering on you.
      Wrap dresses and tops will do wonders for your body type